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  We are an installing dealer of the Turbo 3000D


TURBO 3000D is a patented advanced fuel delivery technology product.

When fuel enters the combustion chambers, the fuel injector creates a fine and wide mist of the fuel. This is known as atomization of the fuel. The finer the fuel is atomized, and the wider the mixing of the oxygen and fuel in the combustion chamber. The larger the use of the entire piston surface area, the more efficient and powerful the combustion event.

This results in improved fuel economy and improved horsepower development, with very little smoke or soot. In addition, carbon development in the combustion chamber is minimized and oil contamination is greatly reduced. When the fuel injector on a diesel engine is unable to atomize fuel efficiently due to temperature, viscosity, or too rapid of a load change, the injector will stream the fuel rather than atomizing it. This condition creates an extremely inefficient burn, resulting in poor fuel economy, less horsepower, and black smoke with overall poor engine performance.

The TURBO 3000D works to improve atomization by creating a change in the travel pattern of the fuel, prior to the fuel injector. TURBO 3000D provides the fuel injector with an efficient delivery of fuel reducing all of the effects which create streaming at the fuel injector. Fuel rail pressure equalization is also achieved by this change in fuel travel action, leading to a smoother idle, and a quieter running engine.

The TURBO 3000D improves combustion efficiency in a totally natural way, without the use of magnets, electrical fields, precious metals, or chemical additives that might release harmful elements of their own into the air we breathe. The TURBO 3000D is precision machined in the USA, from high-grade brass, stainless steel and aluminum. It has no moving parts, is maintenance-free, installs as easily as an in-line fuel filter, and should last indefinitely


Our patented product, combined with a One Year Warranty and 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, should make the TURBO 3000D your first choice in fuel saving technology.










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