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With this bypass oil filtration system installed, Puradyn customers have seen cost savings up to 90% on both oil purchases and oil disposal.

How is this system already in your budget?
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Current Budget
 Annual Miles                     100,000
 Service interval Miles            15,000
 Average Oil Change Cost     $220.00
 Number of Oil Changes Yr        6.67
 Ann. Oil Change cost  $1,467.40
Green Budget using puraDyn
 Annual Miles                     100,000
 Service Interval Miles           25,000
 Average Oil Maint Cost       $138.00
 Number of Maint Yr.                   4
 Ann Oil Maint              $552.00
Old Budget                       $1,467.40   
Green Budget                    $  552.00
Savings                            $  915.40
Average Cost of puraDYN Installed
                                      $   850.00*
Savings from Old Budget      $   915.40
puraDYN installation            $   850.00
First year Savings                $    65.40
Savings after first year!
Old Budget Costs                $1,467.40
Green puraDyn Costs           $   552.00
2nd year savings                 $   915.40 
    Savings at 5 years
Old Budget Costs               $7337.00
Green puraDyn Costs          $3610.00
Savings                            $3727.00
 * Average cost.  Actual cost may be slightly higher or lower depending on equipment.


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The Reduce oil purchases - No used oil to dispose of!

The puraDYN system continuously filters lubricating oil by reducing solid contaminants to less than one micron, as well as removing liquid contaminants, therefore maintaining the oil's viscosity and safely and dramatically extending oil drain intervals.

The puraDYN system is effective for internal combustion engines, hydraulic applications and automatic transmissions in the automotive, transportation, construction, marine, agriculture, mining, military, and power generating industries.

puraDYN's patented and proprietary system is a cost-effective and energy-conscious solution targeting an annual $13 billion potential market.

In addition to the savings realized by the reduced purchase of new oil and the cost of disposing of used oil (up to 90%), as well as extended equipment life, the puraDYN Oil Filtration System has been certified as a Pollution Prevention technology by the California Environmental Protection Agency.

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