The Cost of our system
is already in your budget!
 You already have the price of a puraDYN system included in your annual budget.    

 Cost savings through reduced oil changes, labor and downtime

 Fuel consumption savings through increased engine efficiency.

 Extended engine life with resultant increased times between major overhauls.


 The reduction of the need for oil storage and disposal with all associated cost and environmental savings.


"We saved $1,700 per truck last year... we spec puraDYN on 100% of our replacement trucks

"We've been using the puraDYN Bypass Oil Filtration System in our fleet of 66 trucks since 1992. We're running Cummins, Mack and Caterpillar engines an average of 120,000 miles per year. We have trucks that have gone an amazing 616,000 miles without an oil change, reducing our oil waste by 23,000 quarts. We saved $1,700 per truck last year for a total of $115,000 by cleaning our oil, instead of changing it.

Also, by reducing oil waste we've had no disposal problems. The puraDYN  system has saved us a lot of time and money and in my business, that's what it's all about. So with puraDYN , we've been saving time, money and the environment. At Vulcan Chemicals, we spec the puraDYN  Bypass Oil Filtration System on 100% of our replacement trucks because we want to keep it clean."

Doug Webb
Vulcan Chemicals (Transportation Maintenance/Wichita Distribution)
Wichita, Kansas
Using these 200 [garbage] trucks as an example, before using the puraDYN system, annual costs associated with oil maintenance and purchase were approximately $54,200. . . .  With the puraDYN installed, we're now averaging an annual cost of $5,400 per year for all 200 trucks
By using the puraDYN bypass system on these trucks, not only have we reduced oil costs by 90%, but oil and related maintenance costs will continue to decrease every year we add more vehicles equipped with the puraDYN system to the fleet. .
Ron Kleintop
Miami-Dade GeneralServices Administration, Fleet Service Manager
Miami, Florida
puraDYN pays for itself!
Save your engine and extend your oil life!

New diesel engines cost up to $20,000 each, so it only makes sense to take care of your's. Oil analysis can identify insidious problems that, if left too long, could drastically shorten your engine's life!

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