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without an oil change!

02.17.2008-PURADYN USED IN IDAHO NUCLEAR CLEAN UP.INL will remove four scattered acres of transuranic waste from the 40 acre Idaho Falls, Idaho,location through funding from the Department of Energy. The  Rioactive material was buried more than 40 years ago as part of World War II-era conventional weapon R&D and commercialuclear power plant research that occurred at the site.

7.31.2008-US  ARMY CONTRACTS Puradyn !The contract is to outfit the Joint Explosive Ordnance DisposalRapid Response Vehicle (JERRV), which is part of the family of vehicles commonly known as MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected)..
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11.16.2007 1 million miles with Puradyn        Michigan Fleet On The Road 100 Million Miles with No Oil Change

The US Department of Energy evaluated the benefits of bypass oil filtration 2002-2005 using the puraDYN system.

Final test results showed an estimated 89% savings in oil using this technology.


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Reduce new oil purchases by up to 90%

Private fleets, for-hire carriers and owner-operators can survive and remain profitable if they can safely and dramatically extend their oil change intervals. Consistency and controlling costs are imperative, which means minimum downtime and maximum uptime for your trucks. Using the puraDYN system can maximize engine life and keep rigs running trouble-free. Consequently, maintenance is often done on the road. This creates unnecessary stops costing $150 to $300 per oil change. The total cost of en route preventive maintenance services can be even higher when you compute driver trip delay and late deliveries. What if you could clean your oil instead of changing it? Technology from puraDYN will keep engine oil constantly clean while in operation, dramatically extending the time between oil changes by thousands of miles. Simply put, if the oil is clean and additives are maintained, the oil does not need to be changed.


Safely extended oil drain intervals
Reduced frictional engine wear
Reduced new oil purchases up to 90%
Reduced oil-related maintenance costs up to 90%
Reduced vehicle downtime/improved productivity
Additive levels that remain well within acceptable limits
Better-maintained oil viscosity
Improved oil circulation
Decreased sludge and varnish deposits
Cooler running engines and/or equipment
Increased engine efficiency
Payback typically in less than one year
100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied within 6 months
The unit is installed downstream of the existing full-flow filter. Contaminated oil, with abrasive particles, soot, liquids and oxidation by-products known as gum and/or varnish, enters the unit through a small metering jet under pressure supplied by the engine's pump. The metering jet prevents any drop in oil pressure and slows the oil down to a low, measured flow rate of six to eight gallons per hour.
Oil passes through the replaceable filter element where the TBN additives are maintained by the patented time-release additive package, while the long-strand cotton fibers trap solid particles down to below 1 micron and neutralize acid and removes sulfur compounds. In addition, puraDYN filter elements with their optional process for chemical grafting, CGP, can double the life of the replaceable filter element. The filtered oil then enters the puraDYN heated evaporation chamber where fuel and water are evaporated and immediately vented. After the dangerous contaminants are removed, the clean oil is gravity-fed back to the engine.
WARRANTY: Five-year unlimited miles/hours

What if you could keep your oil clean instead of changing it?
Save your engine and extend your oil life!
New technology from puraDYN which keeps engine oil constantly clean while in operation can dramatically extend oil change intervals by hundreds of hours. Simply put, if the oil is clean and additives are maintained (as verified by oil analysis), it does not need to be changed.
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